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Self-hosting tunnel exposing local ports to the internet with custom domain

Although there are some existing solutions to expose local port to the internet, I’ve decided to use self-hosted solution. I’ve prefered this over hosted one for few reasons: I wanted to have some pre-configured subdomains I wanted those subdomains to be fixed and/or reserved just for me Custom domain was a nice addition Cost of hosted solution was just too high to justify it. It was just a fun exercise Idea is simple - anyone accessing address like some_name.

Intro to protobuf (with ruby)

Protobuf or more precisely Protocol Buffers is a data serialization format developer by Google and it is designed to be language-agnostic. What’s important (and what makes it a better choice than ie. JSON) is that it automatically provides validation of data, preserves order in arrays and provides pre-generated classes that do all the hard work with set of setters and getters. Magic is done by compiling .proto files with schema into language files.

git using different ssh key on per directory basis

Disclaimer - I found this solution thanks to my friend Piotr who needed it for different use case, described below. Recently I had to use multiple repositories on one server with different deploy keys. Solution suggested by github docs was not viable, because I could not alter hostname easilly, as it suggest. It turns out, that actually you can use different keys on per directory basis, when using git. It’s doable thanks to git conditional includes:

32nd week in review

It turns out, that I’ll will do hell lot of writing in weeks to come. So this is, what I’m focusing on now Writing for Engineers - this is great summary about writing in tech companies. At the end you can find few recommendations, eg. “Leverage small writing tasks as exercise” - and I find it super important. Email should be well strucutres, support ticket should well describe the problem to avoid confusion and bring understanding.

31st week in review

Longer break, than initially anticipated and planned. Actually spent either on vacation or quite busy building… a treehouse for my kids. At some point I (probably) will share some photos and details about it. Emery – personal workspace for busy people - this is… interesting. Testing this this week. As they call it - Personal workspace for busy people. Normally I use sort-of bullet journal, but I was missing something that could help me put my tasks on a calendar.

26th week in review

I wanted to have a break from normal, day to day stuff at the company (one or the other). But as soon as I got to our destination and I found out, that there is no network coverage nor internet, I started to feel unsafe. One of todays links is about our attention span. For me is also about how addicted to tech and connectivity are we. Life is not short- “The most surprising thing is that you wouldn’t let anyone steal your property, but you consistently let people steal your time, which is infinitely more valuable” I’m not sure yet about how I feel about recent wave of stoicism, but this resonates with me.

25th week in review

I’m on long overdue vacation, so this weeks set of links is shorter than I’d like it to be. Same as the next one (most likely) will be, as my connectivity is limited. On traveling light - and I’m a hoarder that would like to become minimalist. Or at least have less useless stuff. But in the end I still buy (or print) a lot of shit. Reading such posts every few weeks makes me think about making a change.

24th week in review

I forgot it’s not that easy to keep up with some periodic commitment. But given my history with running or any other type of exercises, I should already know what to expect. Nonetheless, with some delay, he it is. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it A long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists - this video shows how sunscreen works.

23rd week in review

So this is the humble start. I plan to write more + get some photos in here, but let’s take baby steps. Idea to start blogging and start with links got highly inspired by great weekly review Christof Damian is doing (with whom I have a pleasure to work with). My sister in law with her husband went off to Canada. They plan to travel across it on… bikes. Not motorbikes, as most (me?