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23rd week in review

So this is the humble start. I plan to write more + get some photos in here, but let’s take baby steps. Idea to start blogging and start with links got highly inspired by great weekly review Christof Damian is doing (with whom I have a pleasure to work with).

  • My sister in law with her husband went off to Canada. They plan to travel across it on… bikes. Not motorbikes, as most (me?) civilized people would do - on regular, old fashioned, ecological bikes. They’re about to travel over 11,5k km in circa 4 months. They’ve started instagram and blog, you can read it in Polish or just look at photos
  • Those new MacBook Airs… god damn it, I don’t get it how Apple is doing it - I have enough laptops, but I still want this new one in midnight (blackish) color. Even though it’s crazy expensive (but there is no surprise in here)
  • I’ve (re) started learning Elixir, some useful resources I’m using (and can only recommend) are:
    • Exercism - great, well aligned coding exercises.
    • Advent of Code - I really love their stories and riddles, but they tend to be quite time consuming. But in my opinion nothing teaches about language API as good as those.
    • Elixir for programmers -this one is more about Elixir and Erlang, less about the API. But it’s well designed, teaches about pattern matching, arity, OTP, basics of distributed services.
  • Dwarf Fortress seem to be on its finish line - I really can’t wait to get my hands on this game -
  • (d&d) An Ogre and His Cake was a nice adventure to run for my kids. I’ve also ordered few archival adventures from (and started a subscription), we’ll see how this will go.
  • European Parliament votes to ban combustion engine cars from 2035. This is a good move, but beside car makers and regular people shifting their minds, we still need infrastructure to hold it. Imagine everyone with car occupying gas distributor for ~1h - it’s not scalable. Beside more charging stations, we need better batteries / charging tech. But one question remains - where from will we get all the power in situation, where during summer we’re on the edge of hitting blackout (because of air conditioners)?