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31st week in review

Longer break, than initially anticipated and planned. Actually spent either on vacation or quite busy building… a treehouse for my kids. At some point I (probably) will share some photos and details about it.

  • Emery – personal workspace for busy people - this is… interesting. Testing this this week. As they call it - Personal workspace for busy people. Normally I use sort-of bullet journal, but I was missing something that could help me put my tasks on a calendar.
  • My Engineering Management Values - Luca Pette My two biggest take aways are:
    • developer book - well, we do have notion, but it’s messy. I have it in my pipeline to organize it better (first step - by creating new notion page…)
    • internal blogging - that’s something that Christof Damian suggested to me last week and I think it’s great idea we’ll try to put in place relatively soon (yes, we do have notion, but again - it’s messy)
    • lead by example - I need to learn how to schedule messages, rather that send them during weekends
  • Installing thermal pads on MacBook Air M2 - It’s seems that new M2 MacBook Air is the first one, I’ve actually opened and… tuned. If you can call adding some thermoconductioning tape “tuning”. Nonetheless those machines do not have any active cooling and M2 tends to overheat and throttle. For me it was an easy win.
  • Is your smartphone ruining your memory? A special report on the rise of ‘digital amnesia’ - there is this thing with taking photos - when you’re focusing on taking them, you’re actually allowing your brain to forget current situation, as it’s going to be offloaded to different source. It’s good to be aware, that there is much more to that.
  • John Carmack: Doom, Quake, VR, AGI, Programming, Video Games, and Rockets | Lex Fridman Podcast #309 - Lex Fridman hosted John Carmack. So far I was only able to start listening to this, but man… this IS good. And Masters of Doom is actually my favourite book about IT industry.