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Category: Learning

Self-hosting tunnel exposing local ports to the internet with custom domain

Although there are some existing solutions to expose local port to the internet, I’ve decided to use self-hosted solution. I’ve prefered this over hosted one for few reasons: I wanted to have some pre-configured subdomains I wanted those subdomains to be fixed and/or reserved just for me Custom domain was a nice addition Cost of hosted solution was just too high to justify it. It was just a fun exercise Idea is simple - anyone accessing address like some_name.

Intro to protobuf (with ruby)

Protobuf or more precisely Protocol Buffers is a data serialization format developer by Google and it is designed to be language-agnostic. What’s important (and what makes it a better choice than ie. JSON) is that it automatically provides validation of data, preserves order in arrays and provides pre-generated classes that do all the hard work with set of setters and getters. Magic is done by compiling .proto files with schema into language files.