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32nd week in review

It turns out, that I’ll will do hell lot of writing in weeks to come. So this is, what I’m focusing on now

  • Writing for Engineers - this is great summary about writing in tech companies. At the end you can find few recommendations, eg. “Leverage small writing tasks as exercise” - and I find it super important. Email should be well strucutres, support ticket should well describe the problem to avoid confusion and bring understanding. And Slack messages are much better when though-though - at least I have this ugly habbit of writing many short messages, that might get hard to understand.
  • Technical Writing  |  Google Developers - even google teaches about writing. If they’ve prepared their own course, it means how important this actually is.
  • Blogging for busy programmers - it’s worthwhile mentioning that my old friends onec wrote a decent book about blogging as a developer.
  • The productivity tax you pay for context switching - I’m still struggling with that. For now I try to be very aware when I switch between tasks and I try to do timeboxing - and it helped me a lot during last week. Don’t forget to read comments on HN